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Tell Governor Hassan and Senator Shaheen that Granite Staters Can't Afford Higher Gas Taxes!


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On July 1st, Governor Maggie Hassan enacted a 23% increase in the New Hampshire Gas Tax. This increase will take more out of Granite Staters’ pockets by increasing the cost to commute to work or take a family road trip. Furthermore, it will impact the cost of goods that are shipped by ground transportation, which will be passed onto the consumer.
Now, due to a lack of fiscal discipline, the Federal Highway Trust Fund is running out of money and Senator Jeanne Shaheen has signaled her support for increasing the federal Gas Tax by 33%.
Sign our petition today and tell Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Governor Maggie Hassan that New Hampshire citizens can't afford to pay more at the pump to make up for their inability to understand fiscal discipline. 

Tell Governor Hassan and Senator Shaheen NH Can't Afford Higher Gas Taxes

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