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Potomac Fever Hits the Merrimack River as House Liberals Pass New Hampshire's Extension of Obamacare

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(January 8, 2014) - Today, the New Hampshire House passed Medicaid expansion with a vote of 186-155. On behalf of the taxpayer, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has pledged to fight this incredible expansion of state spending at every turn.   
Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire spokesman Derek Dufresne released the following statement:
"Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, tax-and-spend liberals in the New Hampshire house voted today to expand the largest entitlement program in the state. In addition, their actions would forever link the Granite State to the disastrous failures we are already seeing in Obamacare.
"Medicaid expansion is a financial boondoggle for the state and has the potential of exposing taxpayers to millions of dollars in new spending and higher taxes. Governor Hassan and her followers in Concord have been peddling this expansion as free money that will be fully funded by the federal government. We are told by her to 'trust' that the federal government will deliver on its promises despite the fact that time after time, they never come through. Granite Staters can be assured that Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire will continue to fight Medicaid expansion as this bill is nothing more than a state-based expansion of Obamacare that will drive New Hampshire into financial ruin."
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