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Rep. Shea-Porter continues to hide from her constituency. Her "town hall meeting" this morning was a farce.

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(January 11, 2014) This morning, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter hosted what she called a “town
hall meeting” in Dover at Maple Suites Senior Living Community. Sadly though,
the event was anything but a public forum. Instead, it was a scripted,
tightly-controlled event where she made sure to avoid those who might disagree
with her.



Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the
following statement:


"While we were hopeful this morning that Rep. Carol Shea-Porter would
finally be hosting her first town hall meeting, today's event was no public
forum. In order to attend the event, individuals were told they needed to
pre-register themselves and the questions they planned on asking. At the
meeting itself, video cameras were not allowed inside. This is disheartening
both for transparency purposes and for anyone who couldn't attend the event
especially considering the dangerous driving conditions caused by today's bad
weather. Furthermore, those protesting outside were forced to leave the
premises because it was against the 'corporate policies' of the venue her
meeting was held at.


"Granite Staters deserve a representative who cares about the opinions of
all her constituents and allows for real town hall meetings where all views can
be expressed. Once again, we still await to hear from Rep. Carol Shea-Porter on
when she will actually hold her first real town hall meeting. Granite Staters
deserve better."

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