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The "Great Pretender" Carol Shea-Porter

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(January 15, 2014) - On Saturday, after Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, hosted what she called a public "town hall meeting" in Dover, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released a statement informing Granite Staters that her event was a farce and certainly was no town hall meeting at all.


It was a scripted "forum" where attendees were told they needed to sign-up and register their questions prior. At the "meeting" itself, no video cameras were allowed inside the private venue to document it and peaceful protesters who simply disagreed with her on the issues outside the venue were told they needed to vacate the premises.


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has released the following video titled "The Great Pretender" in response to her "pretend town hall meeting."Click HERE to watch our web video, "The Great Pretender." 

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