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New Hampshire House Defeats House Bill 1589, A Victory For the Second Amendment

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(February 12, 2014) - The New Hampshire State House voted today to defeat HB 1589, which would have required background checks for all firearm sales in the Granite State. The legislation failed with a bipartisan vote of 242 to 118. 


 Matthew Murphy, Executive Director of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Granite State commonsense prevailed today over out-of-state special interest groups set upon further infringing on our Second Amendment rights.


"With a bipartisan majority, the New Hampshire House realized that this legislation would not prevent violent individuals from committing crimes, but would only hurt law-abiding Granite State gun owners and dealers. This vote was a victory for countless New Hampshire residents who actively engaged their legislators in opposition to this bill in recent weeks. We thank those in the New Hampshire House who helped defeat HB 1589 today."


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