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Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire Expresses Disappointment in New Hampshire Senate Vote To Increase Gas Tax

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(March 13th, 2014) - Today, the New Hampshire State Senate voted to increase the gas tax to 22.4 cents per gallon by a vote of 14 to 9. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire testified against this increase at the public hearing citing the effect it would have on New Hampshire families and businesses, not only at the pump, but also by increasing the cost of goods and services. At this hearing, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, along with others, cited how raising the gas tax would cause increases in transportation costs for goods, which would impact small businesses that rely on the use of vehicles.  
Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire Executive Director Matthew Murphy made the following comment; 
"We are extremely disappointed that the State Senate voted to reach into the pockets of taxpayers instead of restructuring the use of existing funds received under the current levy. We encourage the Governor to follow the law passed in 2008 to limit the diversion of highway funds instead of increasing taxes. Every citizen will be affected by raising the gas tax. The State Senates vote today places the lack of  fiscal discipline by Governor Hassan on the shoulders of the New Hampshire taxpayer."
He continued, "we want to thank Senators Morse, Prescott, Reagan, Carson, Sanborn, Cataldo, Soucy, Bradley and Forrester for voting against this tax increase. We will continue to oppose raising the gas tax in the Senate Finance committee and will work to let the citizens of New Hampshire know how it will affect them."
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