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Senator Jeanne Shaheen once promised to be an "independent voice" for New Hampshire, but then she went to Washington.

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(April 7, 2014) - Today, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is releasing a web video focusing on then Senator-elect Jeanne Shaheen's comments in November of 2008 where she said that Granite Staters want a U.S. Senator who will be a "strong independent voice." She goes on to say, "I am going to be that senator" and continues by promising that she will "never hesitate to disagree with... the president to do what's right for New Hampshire."
The web video explains how Senator Shaheen has voted 99% of the time with President Barack Obama on issues ranging from the failed stimulus to Obamacare. It also encourages Granite Staters to contact our state's senior senator and ask her to stand with New Hampshire on the issues that matter, not President Obama.


Click HERE to watch the web video titled, "99 Problems." 

Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:
"Almost six years ago, Senator Jeanne Shaheen promised New Hampshire she would be a 'strong independent voice.' Ironically though, whether it was on Obamacare, a failed stimulus, higher taxes, or more spending, Senator Jeanne Shaheen sided with President Obama and leadership in Washington instead of her constituents.

"Senator Shaheen was right. Granite Staters do want a U.S. Senator who promises to reflect their voice. Sadly though, when she went to Washington, she replaced that pledge to New Hampshire with one to President Obama. We encourage Granite Staters to call Senator Jeanne Shaheen and remind her that she is supposed to represent their family's values, not those of the residents at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue."
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