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Disappointed in the New Hampshire House for passing a hike in the state's Gas Tax

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(April 23rd, 2014) - Today, the New Hampshire House passed Senate Bill 367. If signed into law as currently written, it would increase the Gas Tax by 23% to 22 cents per gallon. The bill passed with a vote of 193 - 141. The bill had previously passed the State Senate with a vote of 15 - 9.

Matthew Murphy, Executive Director for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, had an op-ed in opposition to raising the Gas Tax published in the NHJournal last wee. Our organization has also testified in opposition to the bill in committee in both the State House and State Senate.
After it's passage in the House, Matthew Murphy releaed the following statement:   
"We are incredibly disappointed in the New Hampshire House for once again siding with tax and spend Governor Maggie Hassan. With the passage of SB 367, families will be forced to pay even more when they fill up their tanks. However, the hit will be twofold as they also absorb the burden of increased costs for goods and services passed on from small businesses that use vehicles for transport.

"The last thing New Hampshire families need right now is to have more money taken out of their wallets and pocketbooks. Our legislators in Concord have a responsibility to explore all options before considering a tax increase on their constituents. Sadly, they continue to ignore that obligation. Instead of passing Senate Bill 367, they should have taken a hard look at where current revenue is being spent, make the tough decisions to cut when necessary ,and only fund our priorities. That's exactly what New Hampshire families do every day."

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