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K Street fundraiser titled: "DC for Jeanne Shaheen"

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(April 29, 2014) - On June 17th, Senator Jeanne Shaheen will be attending a fundraiser at a K Street lobbying firm in Washington DC. 


In a blatant continuation of her decision to trade New Hampshire independence for Washington allegiances, the title of the fundraiser on the ActBlue website is actually "DC for Jeanne Shaheen."


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:
"Senator Jeanne Shaheen has voted 99% of the time with President Obama despite her 2008 promise to be a 'strong independent voice' for the Granite State. Unfortunately, it has become all too clear that when Governor Shaheen became Senator Shaheen, she forgot about New Hampshire.  While we aren't surprised, we are truly stunned at her blatant betrayal of New Hampshire by attending a fundraiser titled 'DC for Jeanne Shaheen.' 

"Granite Staters deserve representatives who care about reflecting their values on Capitol Hill, not the other way around. This fundraiser on K Street is just another example of how Jeanne Shaheen is not that senator."
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