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New Hampshire State Senate does the right thing: Rejects HB 1403, which would have increased the minimum wage

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(May 8th, 2014) - Today, the New Hampshire Senate defeated House Bill 1403 by a vote of 13 -11. This bill would have increased the state's minimum wage to $8.25 in January of 2015 and to $9 per hour in January of 2016. The next increase would be based on CPI (Consumer Price Index).


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has opposed House Bill 1403 from the beginning citing the impact the increase in the minimum wage would have on small businesses as well as employment for younger workers that are trying to gain experience in the job market.


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire Executive Director Matthew Murphy stated;
"We applaud the New Hampshire Senate for rejecting House Bill 1403 today. This legislation would have done significant damage to Granite State small businesses and the job prospects of young people in our state.
"The focus of our legislators in Concord should not be on stifling our entrepreneurs and limiting opportunities for Granite Staters. Instead, they should be looking for new ways to create an economic environment that is conducive to attracting more businesses to New Hampshire and making it easier for current job creators to provide employees with greater economic success." 
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