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Governor Maggie Hassan's 23% increase in the Gas Tax begins at midnight

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(June 30, 2014) - At midnight tonight, Granite Staters will officially begin to feel the impact of a 23% increase in New Hampshire's Gas Tax, which was passed by the State House and State Senate and signed into law by Governor Maggie Hassan this year.


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire fought hard to educate our legislators in Concord on why passing Senate Bill 367, which was the bill to increase the Gas Tax, was not in our state's best interest. Our originization held phone banks, testified at legislative hearings, conducted patch-through-calls to our legislators' offices, and even held protests. Sadly, they ignored us and countless New Hampshire residents who opposed the bill.


Today, Matthew Murphy, Executive Director for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, joined Greg Moore of Americans for Prosperity and others at a press conference at a Hooksett gas station to continue to shed light on the impact Granite Staters will feel due to the increase. 


Video of Matthew Murphy's statement can be viewed HERE and the text can be read below. 
At midnight tonight, Granite Staters will directly feel the impact of a state government, with Governor Maggie Hassan at the helm, which lacks fiscal discipline and relies on higher taxes and more spending to resolve its problems.
With this 23% increase in the state's Gas Tax, our citizens are going to be faced with higher prices at the pump as we head into the summer driving season. However, we all know that the initial hit New Hampshire residents will feel while filling up at their local gas station is only just the beginning. In addition, it will cost more to transport any good or service that utilizes ground transportation, which will also be passed along to Granite State taxpayers. Furthermore, we are now hearing that the federal government is also considering a hike in the Gas Tax, too. Enough is enough.
At what point will our legislators, both in Concord and in Washington, recognize that New Hampshire residents are forced to make the tough decisions to make ends meet every day. Why can't our leaders in government do the same thing? We at Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire believe Granite Staters deserve better than the recycled tax and spend philosophies they've seen from our 'leaders' in Concord. Sadly though, Governor Hassan and many in the State Senate and State House continue to disagree with us on that point time and time again. 
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