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Video: Where does Senator Jeanne Shaheen really stand on increasing the federal Gas Tax?

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(July 8, 2014) - In recent days, Senator Jeanne Shaheen has been extremely inconsistent regarding her position on legislation that would cause a hike in the federal Gas Tax. While her spokesman has said she is opposed to an increase, multiple reports, including one in the Portsmouth Herald, have indicated otherwise. 
This issue is extremely important to Granite States, especially considering Governor Maggie Hassan recently raised New Hampshire's Gas Tax by 23%.


Considering the many inconsistencies with her position, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire decided to ask Senator Shaheen directly whether or not she supports an increase in the federal Gas Tax. Sadly though, with a dismissively smug response, Senator Shaheen refused to answer our question. You can watch the video HERE.


Matthew Murphy, Executive Director for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:
"Granite Staters are already paying more at the pump due to tax and spend liberals like Governor Maggie Hassan. Because of her and a majority of legislators in Concord, we already are dealing with a 23% hike in the state's Gas Tax. Coupled with spiking gas prices, the last thing they need is an increase in the federal Gas Tax, too. 
"New Hampshire families deserve to know where their elected officials stand on legislation that would take more money out of their paychecks. Sadly though, Senator Jeanne Shaheen has been incredibly inconsistent on whether or not she supports an increase in the Gas Tax. Considering her smug response to a simple question, we still have no idea exactly what her position is. We encourage Granite Staters to contact her office and demand a straightforward answer."
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