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Rep. Annie Kuster announces her 'first-ever'... No, not a town hall meeting ... a 'photo contest.'

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(July 30, 2014) - As Congress heads towards its August recess, now is typically the time of year when Members of Congress should be announcing their Town Hall meeting schedule. However, instead of alerting the public of her 'first-ever' Town Hall meeting, on Tuesday, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) announced her 'first-ever' "What Does Your Granite State Look Like" photo contest.  In response to unveiling the photo contest on her Facebook page, Congresswoman Kuster's constituents responded with critical comments calling on her to finally hold a public forum.


Congresswoman Kuster's office has not hosted a single Town Hall meeting during her first term in Congress.


Also on Tuesday, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) released an e-newsletter. While she did reference the upcoming August recess in it, she did not mention a Town Hall meeting schedule.  While Congresswoman Shea-Porter used to frequently attend Town Hall meetings held by former Congressman Jeb Bradley (NH-01), she has made every effort to hide from her constituents during her current term in Congress. At her 'public' events, her staff has untruthfully used Military Veterans as an excuse to ban video cameras and has held forums at private facilities so those who disagree with her can be removed from the venues.


Senator Jeanne Shaheen hasn't held a Town Hall meeting in years.  At this point, our state's senior senator has no public forums announced for the upcoming August recess either.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"It is pretty pitiful that residents of New Hampshire's Second Congressional District have been given the opportunity to contribute pictures to Congresswoman Kuster's 'first-ever' photo contest before they ever had a chance to attend her 'first-ever' Town Hall meeting. As we head into the August recess, Congresswoman Kuster and Congresswoman Shea-Porter know it is their duty, as New Hampshire's representatives to Congress, to announce public forums in order to discuss the important issues with their constituents. Sadly though, both seem to be headed more towards winter hibernation than summer meetings with those whom they were elected to represent. 


"Granite Staters deserves to know what Congresswoman Kuster, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Senator Shaheen are hiding from them. Why are they going out of their way to avoid having a public discussion with their constituents? On behalf of New Hampshire residents who are awaiting a response, once again, we demand answers."

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