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Where were Senator Jeanne Shaheen's "open town halls and roundtables?"

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(August 13, 2014) - In a recent Union Leader article, a spokesman for Senator Jeanne Shaheen said, the senator "has met over the years with thousands of people in every corner of the state, including at open town halls and roundtables."


These comments from Senator Shaheen's campaign come in response to heavy criticism she has been receiving, both locally by news outlets such as WMUR-TV, and nationally in publications such as theDaily Caller, for refusing to hold Town Hall meetings with her constituents. According to her own website, Senator Shaheen hasn't held a Town Hall meeting since August of 2012. It is important to note that in the WMUR-TV story, Shaheen's campaign was even caught trying to inflate the number of "public" events she has held by misleading a reporter on the subject.


For almost two years, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has been calling on Senator Shaheen to hold a public forum. She has refused. It released a website last week titled,, to highlight her refusal to meet with her constituents.


Considering Senator Shaheen will not hold a Town Hall meeting, on multiple occasions, we have tried to attend what her campaign is now trying to pass off as "open town halls and roundtables." While she might be trying to convince Granite Staters that these events were public, our video footage proves that they were anything but open and transparent.


Click HERE to watch some of our footage of what happens when Granite Staters try to attend Senator Shaheen's "open town halls and roundtables." 


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"It is nothing short of a lie for Senator Jeanne Shaheen to try and convince New Hampshire residents that she has been an open and accessible elected official. We have consistently been disappointed in our state's senior senator for refusing to hold Town Hall meetings with her constituents.  However, we are truly aghast at her staff's attempt to now try and pass off her extremely selective and non-public events as open and transparent.



"All Granite Staters deserve opportunities to discuss the important issues with their elected officials. Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Congresswoman Kuster, have all refused to hold public forums with their constituents. Why are they hiding? New Hampshire deserves to know why they are going to such lengths to avoid the people whom they are supposed to represent."



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