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Senator Jeanne Shaheen's Union Intimidation

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(September 3, 2014) - On August 29th, Senator Jeanne Shaheen was at an event on the seacoast where she was receiving an endorsement from a Portsmouth Naval Shipyard union. 


Senator Jeanne Shaheen still hasn't held a single public Town Hall meeting in over 735 days. Thus, on behalf of the Granite Staters she refuses to meet with, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire waited outside of the event to ask her why she is so unwilling to meet with her constituents. As any resident of our great state can attest, the Town Hall meeting is an important part of our proud political tradition and heritage.


However, before one of our organization's video trackers could even pose Senator Shaheen a question, one of her union supporters, who just finished endorsing her, aggressively approached our tracker, pushed him, and repeatedly tried to take his video camera out of his hand. 


The event transpired with Jeanne Shaheen only feet away, but not once did she or her staff intervene or tell her union supporter to stop.


Video of the altercation can be viewed HERE


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"After years of hiding from her constituents and a 99% voting record with President Obama, Jeanne Shaheen has made it clear that she only cares to listen to and work alongside those Granite Staters she agrees with.  While Jeanne Shaheen refuses to hold a single Town Hall meeting, she continues to seek council and endorsement from individuals such as the belligerent, aggressive union worker seen in our video.


"Considering neither Senator Shaheen nor anyone from her staff stepped into the altercation to tell their union supporter to stop intimidating our video tracker, we have to assume her campaign endorses these kinds of tactics.  If that's the case, then Granite Staters deserve to know what kind of campaign Jeanne Shaheen is actually running."

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