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Release: Shea-Porter should release "public town hall" list immediately

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(October 2, 2014) On Monday, in an article in the National Journal, Congresswoman Carol "Shea-Porter['s] spokeswoman Marjorie Connolly dismissed charges that her boss is an absentee congresswoman as untrue and listed 10 public town hall events since Shea-Porter took office in 2013."


Throughout Carol Shea-Porter's term in the 113th Congress, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has been actively calling on NH-01's Member of Congress to hold real, public town hall meetings with her constituents. She has refused to do so.


In response to this untrue statement by her spokeswoman in the National Journal, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is calling on Congresswoman Shea-Porter to release the list of ten public town halls she claims to have had. 


Considering she said they were "public," Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is also requesting proof that she advertised each of these alleged ten town halls to her constituents to allow for their attendance either via her website, mail, an e-newsletter, or social media, prior to the alleged events. 


According to's coverage of the story, they have also reached out to Congresswoman Shea-Porter and are seeking a response regarding this matter. As of sending this release, It appears she has yet to answer.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"The same Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter who once made a career out of being thrown out of George W. Bush's town hall meetings and followed former Congressman Jeb Bradley around to many of his public forums, has been refusing to hold town halls during the 113th Congress. In response, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire has been calling on the congresswoman to hold public meetings, but she has refused to do so.  


While we have given up hope that she will hold town halls, we will not stand by as her spokeswoman makes false claims. Here in the Granite State, we know Carol has been hiding. We call on her to release the list of these alleged ten public town halls and prove that she made the public aware of all of the events prior to their occurrence immediately."


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