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Release: Jeanne Shaheen has "Gone Washington"

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(October 14, 2014) - Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is launching a new web advertisement on Senator Jeanne Shaheen today titled, "Gone Washington." 


"Gone Washington" focuses on Jeanne Shaheen's record of ducking debates and refusing to hold town hall meetings, despite the fact that she is financially profiting from her votes. It utilizes footage of Senator Shaheen saying that queries about her refusal to hold public forums are "crazy questions" and also includes video that highlights how rudely her campaign team (the chairman of the Merrimack County Democrats) treats those Granite Staters who are not allowed into private events.


The advertisement is backed with a significant, statewide, online buy. 

Click HERE to watch the web video. 


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Senator Jeanne Shaheen has made a career out of hiding from Granite Staters. While she is quick to accept her cushy paycheck, profit from her votes, and utilize benefits that most taxpayers could only dream of, our state's senior senator could care less about the views of her constituents. From ducking debates and refusing to hold town halls to believing questions about her inaccessibility are 'crazy,' it has become all too clear that Jeanne Shaheen has gone Washington. One thing is for certain; New Hampshire deserves better than the 'scraps' Shaheen and her supporters offer her constituents."

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