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New Hampshire State House Approves Constitutional Carry

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(April 29, 2015) - The New Hampshire State House voted today to adopt SB 116, legislation commonly referred to as Constitutional Carry. The bill, which would "repeal the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver," was confirmed with a vote of 212 - 150. It was previously approved by the New Hampshire State Senate with a vote of 14-9.


If the bill were to become law, New Hampshire would join Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming and Vermont as states not requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon. In addition to being a Constitutional Carry sate, Vermont, our neighbor to the west, has been regarded as the safest state in the nation.


Just prior to today's vote in the New Hampshire House, Governor Maggie Hassan announced that she would veto SB 116.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"A majority in both the New Hampshire State Senate and State House have now proven to their constituents that they stand with them in fierce protection of their Second Amendment rights. Granite States believe that law-abiding gun owners should not be saddled with onerous requirements limiting their rights, and we commend both chambers for recognizing that.


"While today's vote moves New Hampshire another step closer towards a day where lawful individuals do not have to seek out a government permission slip to act on a right the Constitution clearly dictates, it already appears that Governor Maggie Hassan plans to put up a roadblock in front of progress. We are incredibly disappointed in our governor's decision to once again put her own political career and the voices of liberal extremists in Washington D.C. ahead of her New Hampshire constituents."

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