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Release: Houston, we have a problem

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(June 25, 2015) - In response to Governor Maggie Hassan's veto of the budget that passed the New Hampshire House and Senate yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vocally encouraged Granite State small businesses to relocate to his state. In a statement he released this afternoon, the Governor of the Lone Star State said, "Texas is wide open for New Hampshire businesses looking to escape the restrictive tax burdens solidified by Governor Hassan's unfortunate veto of the state budget."


Governor Abbott particularly focused on Governor Hassan's refusal to support portions of the budget that would reduce New Hampshire's business profits tax and business enterprise tax. Throughout the budget process, Governor Hassan has repeatedly highlighted lowering both of these burdensome taxes as reasons for vetoing the budget.


Governor Abbott is not alone in his criticism of Governor Hassan's abysmal record on jobs and the economy. In a recent Union Leader column, Val Zanchuk, the chair-elect of the board of directors of the Business and Industry Association, stated that "Governor Hassan should not veto the budget over business tax reductions." Jeff Feingold of the New Hampshire Business Review recently reported that a new Pew study had the Granite State finishing almost dead last among all fifty states when it came to job growth.  


Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Houston, we have a serious problem here in the Granite State when word of Governor Hassan's disastrous economic policies is making its way thousands of miles south to the Lone Star State.


"Well over 90% of our state's business sector is made up of small businesses. New Hampshire's economic backbone consists of some of the best business leaders in the nation. Our state is home to renowned innovators and inventors and the hardest workers who truly take pride in what they do. We believe Governor Hassan should be spending every moment of her tenure as governor trying to help these individuals grow our state's economy. Regrettably, while other governors work on luring our job creators away to greener pasture, Governor Hassan seems to only be focused on the next step in her political career."

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