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Release: Where Does Gov. Hassan Stand on a Federal Gas Tax Hike?

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(Manchester, August 4, 2015) - Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire provided a detailed analysis yesterday of Governor Maggie Hassan's assault on Granite State commuters. The results are clear. While she might try and sugar coat it, our state's chief executive has a long history, dating back to 2009, of fighting to take a significant amount of money from New Hampshire drivers through painful hikes in the state's gas tax and vehicle registration fees. However, does she support a plan to eventually take even more?


In recent months, Governor Hassan has been making it abundantly clear she is more focused on climbing the political ladder than her job as the chief executive of the Granite State. Our organization is growing increasingly concerned with her refusal to answer a question she dodged back in 2014 regarding an increase in the federal gas tax.


"When asked whether she thought Washington lawmakers should raise the federal gas tax to stabilize highway funding, Hassan said New Hampshire had found support from both parties in funding transportation, something that she hoped Congress would do as well." (RobWolfe, "Hassan: Gas Tax Helps State; NH Governor Sees Benefit To Economy," Valley News, 4/16/14)


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Granite Staters are tired of career politicians like Maggie Hassan who say one thing, but do another. They deserve leaders who are forthright and have no reservations about telling them their positions on issues such as a harmful hike in the federal gas tax. However, with the governor, they have yet another liberal Washington puppet who is more concerned with climbing the political ladder than doing what is right for New Hampshire families.


"In Concord, Maggie Hassan has quietly lead an all out assault against the New Hampshire commuter. The gas tax she signed into law last year has already impacted Granite Staters' wallets and pocketbooks. In her most recent budget proposals, she has continued her nearly six year quest to hike our state's already high vehicle registration fees. With a record like Hassan's, it is no wonder why New Hampshire drivers are worried about what could be next."

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