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Release: Hassan's Budget Veto Gets Overridden

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MANCHESTER - In a 24-0 vote in the State Senate and a 291-63 vote in the State House, the legislature passed SB 9 this afternoon to move a budget compromise bill forward. After signing SB 9 into law, in a historic move, the governor called on Democrats to join Republicans and override her own veto, which they did in the State Senate (Vote total: HB 1: 22-0 and HB 2: 22-0) and in the State House (Vote total: HB 1: 321-25 and HB 2: 326-21).


Governor Hassan was feeling immense pressure from Granite Staters over countless negative consequences caused by a summer-long budget stalemate and continuing resolution that was necessary because of her veto.


In addition to funding issues pertaining to New Hampshire state parks, hospitals, and home healthcare, Governor Maggie Hassan's veto was hurting the Granite State's ability to combat a growing heroin epidemic. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire highlighted the heroin issue with an ad that received both local and national press coverage.


While the budget compromise was far from perfect, Governor Hassan was unable to force through harmful policies such mandatory re-authorization of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, a hike in the state's vehicle registration fee, or an increase in the cigarette tax. She also had to concede and support much needed business tax cuts that Republicans have been fighting for.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Granite Staters have been suffering as a result of Governor Maggie Hassan's budget veto all summer. Just as former Governor John Lynch predicted, there were drastic consequences that will be felt for some time to come. Fortunately, Governor Hassan was finally forced to make a historic move and call for an override of her own budget veto. While the compromise budget passed by the legislature was far from perfect, it was a testament to the power of New Hampshire citizens and organizations who became increasingly vocal about the detrimental impact her stonewalling was having on the state. "


We are pleased to see New Hampshire's current budget debate come to a close, but it was a shame to watch it mirror that of a dysfunctional Washington with continuing resolutions and months of inaction. We hope Governor Hassan's Potomac fever has passed, but considering her track record this summer, we find it highly unlikely."


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