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Release: Van Ostern Admits He Doesn't Understand NH's Healthcare Needs

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MANCHESTER - Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern (D, NH) hopes to climb the political ladder. However, as seen in a new video released by Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, every Granite Stater should be concerned about his admittedly weak understanding one of the most important issues impacting the lives of every citizen in our state.


While recently discussing healthcare at a public event in Keene, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire shockingly caught Councilor Van Ostern saying, "if you lined up everyone against the wall in the room based on how much they knew about healthcare, and how it's affecting our state, I fear that I would be on the shorter end of it."


Click HERE to watch the video.


Despite his admitted lack of understanding of healthcare-related issues, Councilor Van Ostern has repeatedly highlighted his votes, and positions on the issue, throughout his two terms in Concord. As seen on his own website, Van Ostern proudly stated that he was the one to "cast the deciding vote" to implement Medicaid Expansion. He then stated that he "led the fight" to restore funding to Planned Parenthood.


Van Ostern also penned an opinion piece criticizing those individuals who opposed taxpayer funding for an embattled Planned Parenthood earlier this year.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;

"Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern's admission that he has an inferior understanding of how healthcare affects New Hampshire should be extremely concerning to his constituents in Council District Two. The fact that he actually believes someone with his substandard familiarity is qualified to lead our state should be incredibly frighting to every Granite Stater.

"Councilor Van Ostern has frequently trumpeted his self-proclaimed 'deciding vote' for Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion. He has used divisive rhetoric during debates over women's healthcare to endear himself with liberal extremists for years. Now that we know how little he truly understands, how seriously can anyone take anything he says about one of the most important issues impacting the lives of every single New Hampshire resident?"



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