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Release: Van Ostern follows DC liberal donors on Syrian refugees

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MANCHESTER - Legislators and governors from across the country have come out in opposition to the United States taking in more Syrian refugees in the wake of Friday's terrorist attack in Paris, France. Concerns have risen dramatically amid reports that at least one of the Paris attackers slipped through Europe's immigration system and concerns about "gaping holes" impacting America's screening process.


Despite the fear of terrorism and regardless of the safety of New Hampshire residents, it is being reported today that "Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Colin Van Ostern said the U.S. should not be banning Syrian refugees from America."


Councilor Van Ostern's public statement comes after the spokesman for the liberal special interest group, Democracy for America, blasted Democrats who vocally supported stopping Syrian refugees from coming to America at this time. This same spokesman, who is hosting a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. for Van Ostern next month, has since praised Van Ostern for his position.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Concerns regarding gaping holes in America's screening process of Syrian refugees comes on the heels of Friday's tragic terrorist attack in Paris. In response, more than half of our nation's governors and several legislators from around the country are taking immediate action to help protect their citizens. Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern has regrettably decided to take a different path by dangerously siding with his liberal allies against the security of New Hampshire residents. 


"Granite Staters deserve better than partisan politicians like Councilor Van Ostern who has shown that when difficult decisions need to be made, appeasing liberal Washington funders comes before the safety of New Hampshire families."


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