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Release: Where does Hassan stand on the issues?

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MANCHESTER - Granite Staters are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that Governor Maggie Hassan does not want them to know how she would address the many challenges facing our state and county.


Over the years, she placed little value in the importance of transparency and accessibility and that trend has apparently continued as she seeks to climb the political ladder. The latest example can be found at her own website.


Most candidates for office have a section of their website specifically devoted to policy positions. Surprisingly, even though she and her staff would have complete control over the information produced, no where on her website does she outline her positions on even the most basic issues facing our county. Why is she so hesitant to articulate definitive policy positions? 


It is worth noting that her website does provide multiple opportunities to donate financially to her campaign. 


Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is calling on Maggie Hassan to immediately add a section to her website outlining her policy positions. 


If she needs some ideas, these issue areas would be a good place to start:


  • Taxes and Spending
  • National Security
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Energy and the Environment 
  • Jobs and the Economy


Maggie Hassan regrettably has a long history of limiting accessibility and transparency. In the past, she has been heavily criticized for going "to extraordinary legnths to deny the public - and lawmakers - access to public records." Accessibility has become nonexistent as she has refused to host a single Town Hall meeting. She has even been criticized for her refusal to give specific answers due to her "shifting" and "evolving" statements on the important issues. 


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"It isn't too surprising that Maggie Hassan is refusing to be forthright with specific details on how she would address the many challenges facing our state and country. The reality is that the governor has built a career out of incredibly vague policy statements and a blatant disregard for government transparency."


"Wondering where a politician stands on the important issues is typically the very first question most folks ask when researching a candidate. Many then turn to the internet and a candidate's own website for information. Regrettably, the sad reality is that Maggie Hassan is purposefully making it extremely difficult for Granite Staters to get any answers. That leads us to wonder, why?"



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