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Release: Rep. Kuster Continues to Support a Failing and Unpopular ObamaCare

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MANCHESTER - The US House of Representatives voted this evening 240 - 181 to send a bill that would repeal most of ObamaCare to President Obama's desk. The legislation previously passed the US Senate late last year. 


With regards to New Hampshire's two Members of Congress, Representative Annie Kuster (NH-02) voted against the bill and Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01) supported it.While President Obama is expected to veto the measure, today's effort marks the first time that an ObamaCare repeal bill will reach the president's desk. 


In a CBO estimate announced on Monday, the repeal bill would cut the deficit by $516 billion over the next decade.


ObamaCare remains very unpopular in the Granite State. In a recentUNH poll from last fall,46% opposed the law, while only 38% supported it. Among Independents, who make up the largest voting block in New Hampshire, only 26% supported it.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Congress has rightfully deserved a lot of harsh criticism from the American people in recent years, but they should be applauded for finally working together to send an ObamaCare repeal bill to the President's desk. If he vetoes it, the ongoing negative ramifications resulting from the unsustainable law are on him and lackeys like Representative Annie Kuster.


"Granite Staters recognize it is just as unlikely for Congresswoman Annie Kuster to support repealing ObamaCare as it is for her to announce her first town hall meeting. They have grown to expect that neither scenario will ever happen. However, this vote was yet another reminder that residents of NH-02 have an out-of-touch representative who refuses to represent their views in Washington."



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