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Release: Hassan Dodges Questions Because She's Dangerously Weak On Foreign Policy

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MANCHESTER - Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire recently caught up with Governor Maggie Hassan to ask her whether her lack of foreign policy experience makes her less qualified for office. 


Click HERE to watch the video of her dodging our questions.


Especially during a time when many Granite Staters are extremely concerned about our country's capability to protect its citizens from increased terrorist threats, it is important that our leaders are able to deal with national security issues. Regrettably, Governor Maggie Hassan has repeatedly demonstrated her dangerous lack of understanding of how do deal with the policies that would keep Granite Staters safe.


Here are just a handful of examples of how Hassan's lack of foreign policy experience is dangerous:



Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Time and time again, Maggie Hassan has proven that her puddle-deep understanding of foreign affairs would make New Hampshire less safe. Her weakness on these issues is only amplified by her immediate willingness to play 'follow the leader' with party bosses when she is unable to develop her own positions. Thus, we aren't too surprised she refused to answer our questions on the issue.


"Granite Staters are rightfully concerned about the dangerous times we live in. They deserve leaders who understand foreign policy and have a strong grasp on national security issues. Regrettably, Maggie Hassan doesn't even begin to measure up, which is incredibly frightening."



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