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Release: Maggie Hassan Receives Sharp Criticism From National Press

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MANCHESTER - Governor Maggie Hassan received sharp criticism in a Politico article today, which resulted from her first interview with a national media outlet since she announced her campaign for the US Senate last year. 


Here are some highlights from the Politico article:


  • "But Hassan also hewed relentlessly to talking points and political bromides..." 
  • "She repeated some variation of that 10 times. The strategy, of course, denies her opponents fodder for attacks. But it opens Hassan to criticism that she's running a generic campaign and is looking to ride Hillary Clinton's coattails to Capitol Hill."
  • " campaign..."
  •  "...though here, too, she sticks closely to the script about her motivations."
  • "...she refused to touch any question that veered toward even remotely treacherous territory, such as Obama's executive actions or Bernie Sanders' rise in New Hampshire despite Hassan's endorsement of Hillary Clinton."
  • "...Hassan stuck painstakingly to her script."
  • "As if on cue, she repeated nearly the exact same answer to two follow-up questions."


The National Journal also echoed the criticisms found in the Politico article.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire made similar assertions of Governor Maggie Hassan turning into a "generic," "droid-like" Democrat in a Union Leader opinion column earlier this month titled, "Maggie Hassan is a droid from the dark side."


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Governor Maggie Hassan has truly become nothing more than a generic, party-controled robot, who painstakingly sticks to her poll-tested scripts and refuses to answer the tough questions. It is refreshing that the news media is beginning to recognize the same regrettable reality our organization has been highlighting for months.


"Granite Staters deserve better than a generic, career politician, whose sole purpose isn't to make our state or country better, or even to advance important issues, but rather to just increase her party's numbers in Washington."



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