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Release: What is Hassan's plan for Gitmo detainees?

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MANCHESTER - Today, President Obama submitted a plan to Congress to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. The plan proposes moving many of the remaining detainees to the U.S. Some would also be moved to facilities in other counties. Although the plan does not specify one facility in which to house these individuals, senior administration officials said today that 13 options are proposed.   


 A review of possible U.S. sites for the dangerous detainees released in the past have included facilities on the East Coast.


Governor Maggie Hassan told the New Hampshire Union Leader in an interview last October that "she would consider closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison," but she did not elaborate further.  Since her statement last year, she has refused to explain what she would support doing with the dangerous detainees after the detention facility is closed.


Organizations like ours have been pressing Governor Hassan for months to explain what she believes our government should do with these individuals. 



She has refused to respond to our inquiries.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement;


"Granite Staters are rightfully worried about President Obama's plan to close Gitmo. Those concerns are heightened even further given his plan to house many of the dangerous detainees at facilities inside the United States.


"Given that Governor Maggie Hassan said she supported closing Gitmo last year, her constituents expect her to fully explain whether she will endorse President Obama's current proposal. It is beyond time for her to stop hiding behind robotic statements that are carefully crafted to allow her to take multiple stances on this issue. Granite Staters absolutely deserve to know whether Maggie Hassan would support a policy that could move dangerous terrorists to facilities that are only hours from the New Hampshire border."



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