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Release: Maggie Hassan: Bad for New Hampshire's Vital Tourism Industry

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MANCHESTER - Heading into Independence Day weekend, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released a report on Governor Maggie Hassan's dismal record on tourism.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"New Hampshire's single largest industry is tourism.  We are proud to welcome visitors to our state to enjoy all that the Granite State offers: lakes and mountains, beaches, vibrant cities and towns, and a proud culture.  These visitors create jobs and economic growth for our state. Unfortunately, our tourism industry has struggled under Governor Hassan.  She sees tourists as simply another source of tax revenue, and her higher taxes on the tourism industry have undermined our ability to bring visitors to our state."


Higher Taxes on Hospitality: Maggie Hassan's Record of Undermining New Hampshire Tourism


  • Hassan voted to raise the hotel rooms and meal tax from 8% to 9%. (The Union Leader, 7/1/09) 
  • Hassan voted to expand the state's 9% rooms and meals tax to campsites. (HB2, Roll Call Vote #104: Conference Report Adopted 13-11, 6/24/09, Hassan Voted Yea; Senate Journal 20, 6/24/09, pg. 661)
  • Hassan opposed a constitutional amendment banning a sales tax. (The Union Leader, 6/10/12)
  • Hassan said she was "open to the idea" of cities and towns implementing a $1 per night fee on hotel rooms. (The Portsmouth Herald, 3/20/15)
  • Hassan signed a 23% increase in New Hampshire's gas tax into law. (SB367, Signed Into Law 5/20/14)


Dufresne continued: 


"It's not just New Hampshire's visitors who are punished by these higher taxes, it's the New Hampshire citizens who make their living in hospitality: the hotel and restaurant owners, the front desk clerks, the wait staff and chefs, the small retailers and antique shops, the teenagers selling tickets at the water park. In her drive to raise more taxes to fund larger government, Governor Hassan has hurt New Hampshire jobs."


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