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Release: Obamacare is in the predicted "death spiral." Does Governor Hassan still support it?

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MANCHESTER - Americans learned this week that Obamacare has entered the predicted "death spiral." Not enough people are signing up for the exchanges, so insurers have to raise premiums to continue to provide coverage. The higher premiums lead to fewer signups.  Fewer signups lead to higher premiums. Higher premiums lead to fewer signups. It's an irreversible cycle, and one of the long-predicted canaries in the coal mine - insurance companies giving up on participating in the exchanges altogether - is now quickly becoming a reality.


The Washington Post reported this past weekend that enrollment in the exchanges is less than half of the forecast. People aren't signing up. Premiums are too high. Deductibles are too high. 


That has led to more insurers leaving the exchanges for 2017. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, in 2016, two percent of the population has access to just one insurance provider through the Obamacare exchange. For 2017, that number is expected to jump to 19 percent. Nearly one in five Americans will be facing an insurance monopoly controlling their premiums, deductibles, and choice of doctor. Another 19 percent will have a choice between only two providers.


Meanwhile, more than nine percent of Americans are still uninsured.


When Obamacare was proposed, Maggie Hassan called it "a rational system that will provide every American access to affordable, quality health care."


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement: 


"As time goes on, Granite Staters are continuing to learn how wrong Governor Maggie Hassan was on Obamacare. The President's failing healthcare law is not affordable. Access has gotten even worse. Premiums are going up. Choice is decreasing. But despite the mountains of evidence stacking up against it, Maggie Hassan refuses to acknowledge how harmful Obamacare is to New Hampshire families.


"Now that we've entered the 'death spiral' for the inappropriately named 'Affordable' Care Act, will Governor Maggie Hassan finally admit her mistake? Will she propose alternatives to fix the disaster she has supported since its inception? Granite Staters are awaiting her response."



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