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Release: Once again, Governor Hassan refuses to give a direct response on an important issue

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MANCHESTER - Governor Maggie Hassan has once again demonstrated her refusal (or inability) to give a clear and direct position on an important policy issue in a Concord Monitor article today.


In a story regarding Syrian refugees who have already been resettled here in the Granite State, the article states, "it's not clear whether Hassan ... is satisfied now with the screening..."


For months, Governor Maggie Hassan has refused to clarify whether she continues to believe that the federal government should impose a temporary halt on Syrian refugees entering the country. As reported by WMUR-TV earlier this summer, despite being "asked several times by reporters," Hassan "did not say specifically whether she still believes there should be a pause in the program with respect to Syrians."


Maggie Hassan has faced a slew of criticism for constantly avoiding clear and concise answers on the important issues:


  • "Anyone who has covered her has had the experience of her repeating talking points when even asked the most basic, non-controversial question even on very small matters" - Josh Rogers, NHPR

  • Governor Maggie Hassan "likes to sort of leave herself some wiggle room on issues" - WKXL

  •  Governor Maggie Hassan "hewed relentlessly to talking points and political bromides" - Politico

  • "Relentlessly on message, even in private, [Hassan] speaks in the sort of scripted, too-boring-to-quote genericisms" - The Atlantic


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement: 


"Despite terror attacks increasing across the globe, a refugee crisis tearing Europe apart, and the emergence of ISIS-inspired terror attacks here in the United States, Maggie Hassan still refuses to take a clear position on the screening of immigrants from a known terror state. Instead, she repeats the same focus-grouped talking points over and over again. We are witnessing, in real time, a failure of leadership from Maggie Hassan."


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