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Release: Iran appeasement supported by Maggie Hassan endangers American lives

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MANCHESTER -  It is now being reported that on Sunday, the U.S.S. Firebolt was swarmed by seven Iranian navy ships. The Iranian ships engaged in a high-stakes game of chicken with the American vessel, with one of them stopping dead in the water directly in the Firebolt's path, only 100 yards away.


CNN reports that this is the 31st such incident of Iranian-instigated unsafe encounters with U.S. Navy ships this year - up from 23 in 2015 and we're only in September.


U.S. Army Gen. Joseph Votel, Commander of US Central Command, last week called the Iranian conduct "concerning" and believes the "unsafe, unprofessional" behavior is an attempt by Iran to "exert their influence and authority in the region."


In addition to this report of a new incident, on Tuesday, the Obama Administration acknowledged that a $1.7 billion transfer to Iran earlier this year was paid entirely in foreign hard currency. This happened around the time American hostages were released this year. 


Members of Congress are now publicly accusing the White House of paying ransom to Iran in exchange for prisoners and legislators. Some are also introducing bills that would bar such payments in the future.


Despite incessant reports of dangerous military interactions and serious allegations of the actual reasoning behind the Obama Administration's payments to Iran, Governor Maggie Hassan, who has previously endorsed the Iran Deal, has refused to update Granite Staters as to whether she still stands by her original support for it.


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire stated:


"Appeasement only emboldens hostile nations. The more the Obama Administration has appeased Iran, the more aggressive Iran has become. It is a fact that Iran has increased their provocations of the United States. It is also a fact that Governor Maggie Hassan supported the Iranian Nuclear Deal in 2015 - a deal that only came about because the Obama Administration turned its back on peaceful democratic reformers in Iran. Hassan has refused to say whether or not she supports the $1.7 billion in cash ransom payments to Iran for American hostages. Now, the lives of American sailors are being put at risk at they face an Iranian navy seemingly intent on creating an international incident.


"Maggie Hassan supported the appeasement of the Iran deal. Now that she has seen the consequences and American lives are at even greater risk, does she still support the Obama Administration's disastrous Iran policy? She won't say because she won't sufficiently answer any questions about foreign policy. It's clear that Hassan's plan is to hide from the press, hide from Granite Staters, and avoid any tough questions for as long as possible." 



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