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Release: Hassan continues to prove her inability to understand national security issues

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MANCHESTER -  Given the recent terrorist attacks on American soil that transpired this past weekend, national security became a major focus at an AARP forum yesterday.


At the event, Governor Maggie Hassan continued to highlight concerns that many Granite Staters have over her inability to give clear answers to important foreign policy questions.


When asked "whether she thought there were other potential attackers in the U.S.," WMUR-TV reports that, "Hassan declined to say definitively ... but she later provided a statement."


Maggie Hassan has faced heavy criticism for consistently avoiding clear and concise answers on important issues:


  • "Anyone who has covered her has had the experience of her repeating talking points when even asked the most basic, non-controversial question even on very small matters" - Josh Rogers, NHPR
  • Governor Maggie Hassan "likes to sort of leave herself some wiggle room on issues" - WKXL
  •  Governor Maggie Hassan "hewed relentlessly to talking points and political bromides" - Politico
  • "Relentlessly on message, even in private, [Hassan] speaks in the sort of scripted, too-boring-to-quote genericisms" - The Atlantic


Derek Dufresne of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire stated:


"If once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and three times is a trend, then what we have with Maggie Hassan is an ongoing and blatantly obvious theme where she refuses to give concise positions on countless national security issues. 


"Whether they are questions regarding this past weekend's terrorist attacks on American soil or those related to Iran and proposals to close Gitmo, our governor has shown that perhaps she just doesn't want to divulge her positions to Granite Staters. However, an even equally concerning explanation could also be that she truly doesn't understand the issues well enough to answer them herself. Either way, both possibilities are downright frightening."



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