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Concord Monitor: Capital Beat

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It’s not even an election year, but television ads went up in New Hampshire last week attacking both Shaheen and Ayotte.



Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the gun control group cofounded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, began airing its fourth ad attacking Ayotte for her vote this spring against expanded background checks.


The 30-second ad, “False Alibi,” features a Minnesota police chief saying Ayotte is misleading people when she says she voted for alternative legislation to reform the background checks system. The $400,000 buy will run on Manchester and Boston stations through Thursday, said spokeswoman Kayla Keller.


Ayotte, who won’t be on the ballot until 2016, has said out-of-state special-interest groups are twisting the truth on the issue, and that she voted for a proposal taking real steps to stop gun violence.


And Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, a new conservative group, began airing a 30-second ad last week, “What to Cut.” It attacks Shaheen, who’s up for re-election next year, for supporting Obamacare.


Spokesman Derek Dufresne said the initial buy is $110,000 and the ad will air on WMUR and cable stations. Shaheen told supporters in an email that the ad bends the truth.



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