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Opposing Medicaid Expansion in New Hampshire

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Today, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is formally announcing its opposition to Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. The discussion over Medicaid expansion will be taken up by the New Hampshire Legislature during a special session slated for November 7th - November 21st
At a press conference in Concord, New Hampshire, Matthew Murphy spoke on behalf of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire saying the following:

"Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire strongly believes that Granite State taxpayers cannot afford to expand Medicaid coverage as was set forth by the Obama Administration under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. While the federal government has promised to fund some of the program during the early stages of its implementation, we already know that money will be reduced over time. In addition, history has shown us, that time and time again, the federal government rarely comes through on its funding promises to the states. 

More often than not, it has left the bill at the foot of state capitals across the country. Once that happens, we strongly believe that New Hampshire will be forced to implement a sales or income tax to cover the massive increase in state spending.  
"In addition, we believe that Medicaid expansion will not only cause financial ruin here in New Hampshire, but it also further endorses the reckless spending that plagues Washington DC. It would significantly increase our national debt and would lead to calls for more federal tax revenues.

"Today, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is proud to stand up for the countless Granite Staters who oppose Medicaid expansion in our state. We look forward to taking this fight to all corners of New Hampshire and telling our elected officials that we deserve better than the same old policies of more reckless spending, higher taxes, and bigger government." 
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