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Will Sen. Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter join President Obama and apologize to Americans who have lost their insurance?

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On Thursday evening, President Obama apologized to Americans who have been told they are losing their health insurance plans despite his promise that no one would be forced off of a plan they wanted to keep as a result of Obamacare.

According to Politico, the President said "I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me."

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is calling on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who both made similar statements, to apologize as well.

Our organization released a video we uncovered from 2010 where Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) said: "It's our job to say, if you have insurance, and your employer covers you, it's not going to change."

- Rep. Shea-Porter, 2010    

A video of Rep. Shea-Porter's comments can be found here.


In August 2009, according to the Union Leader, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said during a telephone town hall: "But under every scenario that I've seen, if you have health coverage that you like, you get to keep it." The Union Leader also reported on other instances where she made similar statements.

According to the Union Leader, we now know specific numbers regarding how many New Hampshire residents are being effected. At least 22,000 Granite Staters who have Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield NH plans will be losing their current insurance policies. This is despite untrue statements made by President Obama, Sen. Shaheen, and Rep. Shea-Porter. 

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"Finally, President Obama has apologized to millions of Americans for his untrue and misleading statements assuring them they would be able to keep their current health insurance plans under Obamacare. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is once again calling on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Rep. Carol Shea-Porter to do the same. 

"At least 22,000 New Hampshire residents will be receiving cancellation notices despite untrue claims made by the President that were echoed by Sen. Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter. They did so in order to force Obamacare into law and manipulate Americans in order to save their own political careers. Granite Staters deserve an apology and an explanation immediately."

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