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Like President Obama, Sen. Shaheen, Rep. Shea-Porter and Rep. Kuster are Panicking Because of Obamacare

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President Obama announced today that insurance plans that were canceled as a result of regulations within Obamacare can be renewed for one year. This would be a delay in a component of the law.
Today's announcement was in response to reports that over 5 million Americans have had their current policies canceledover 22,000 of those in the Granite State alone, because of the mandates in the President's healthcare law.

This was despite promises from President Obama, who made comments such as, "Let me be clear, if you like your doctor, or healthcare provider, you can keep them. If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep that too."    
New Hampshire's elected officials who voted for Obamacare made similar promises:

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"This afternoon, President Obama offered political cover for panicking career politicians like Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Rep. Annie Kuster, not legitimate solutions to the healthcare needs of our country. From higher premiums and 22,000 canceled policies to entire regions in the Granite State that won't have access to nearby hospitals due to Obamacare, the disastrous effects of the failing law, brought to us by Sen. Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter, are endless.

"Granite Staters know that the President's flawed law has been a disaster from the beginning, which is why a majority of them have opposed it for years. Only now, as the law collapses during its implementation, do those who supported it realize the detrimental effects of Obamacare out of fear that they will lose their own paychecks. Sadly though, they still don't understand that the only way to truly 'fix" the law is to fully repeal it and put into place free market solutions for healthcare reform."
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