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Thank You State Senator Andy Sanborn

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Thank you,
State Senator Andy Sanborn
Dear Granite Stater, During the past few months, many up in Concord have been struggling with a vote to expand Medicaid in New Hampshire as a result of Obamacare. During that period, one particular fiscal conservative, State Sen. Andy Sanborn, has been leading the charge against expanding the program,

 which could very likely be a road to an income or a sales tax. In addition to holding those accountable for not supporting policies that will strengthen our economy, we always like to recognize those who go above and beyond and support policy decisions that will be best for our state. We would like to thank State Sen. Andy Sanborn for his steadfast strength and willingness to stand up for our values. We are also asking like-minded Granite Staters to contact State Sen. Sanborn, thank him, and tell him to continue fighting for a stronger New Hampshire.    

Please join us in recognizing what leadership is, as State Sen. Sanborn has made us proud. You can reach State Sen. Andy Sanborn at 603-682-1165.
We would also like to thank State Sen. Russell Prescott and State Sen. Sharon Carson for joining State Sen. Sanborn in voting to table Medicaid expansion today in the New Hampshire State Senate. 
Sincerely, Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire
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