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Londonderry State Rep Says Increasing Gas Tax a 'Good Deal' for NH Families

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Today, the Senate committee on Ways and Means will consider HB 617, which would increase the road toll for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Kristin Beaulieu, Director of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, will be attending the hearing to testify on behalf of Granite Staters who are against the legislation. She released the following statement before the committee's consideration of the bill.


"Instead of reducing state spending by cutting government waste, the New Hampshire House is placing more burdens on Granite State taxpayers. If HB 617 passes, a 67% increase in the gasoline and diesel tax would have detrimental effects on families who are already  struggling to make ends meet.  "We encourage the Senate Ways and Means Committee to listen to the people of New Hampshire. They do not want an increase in the Gas Tax and we ask the members of the committee to vote against HB 617."


Today's consideration of HB 617 comes on the heels of comments from Londonderry State Representative Lisa Whittemore who was quoted as saying an increase in the Gas Tax would be a "good deal" for New Hampshire families.  She continued by saying that raising the Gas Tax "makes perfect sense."

Video of Rep. Lisa Whittemore's comments on increasing the Gas Tax can be viewed here:


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, Inc, made the following statement:

"With today's consideration of HB 617 in the Senate, Granite Staters should be aware of comments such as those made by Rep. Whittemore. With New Hampshire taxpayers already paying more at the pump to take their kids to school or drive to work, few would agree that increasing the Gas Tax by 67% would be a 'good deal' for them and their families.

"Since the State House has already irresponsibly passed HB 617 because of Rep. Whittemore and others who think higher taxes 'make perfect sense,' the fate of this legislation rests in the hands of the State Senate. While Rep. Whittemore and her colleagues in the State House might believe taking more hard-earned money from Granite Staters is a good idea, New Hampshire residents hope the State Senate sides with them in recognizing it certainly is not."

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