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Granite Staters Stand with Ayotte in Fight Against Internet Sales Tax

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Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement in support of Senator Kelly Ayotte’s strong stance against S. 743, the Market Fairness Act, more appropriately known as the “Internet Sales Tax.” A vote on the legislation is expected later today.

Senator Ayotte’s stance can be viewed here:


This bill would require online businesses to collect taxes for other states and create an undue burden on small businesses located in states like New Hampshire, which do not have a sales tax. For online businesses that may have customers in many states, this could create additional costs or dedicate resources to this new requirement that they previously did not have to allocate resources to.  Despite the business not physically being in that state, these New Hampshire business owners would have to take on the role of tax collector to help collect revenue for other states.


Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

“Granite Staters stand with Senator Kelly Ayotte and thank her for recognizing that this proposed legislation would have disastrous effects on small businesses in New Hampshire. 

“An internet sales tax would jeopardize the New Hampshire advantage by making online businesses collect taxes for other states that are looking for additional revenue to solve their budget concerns. Senator Ayotte saw the harm this bill would cause to businesses in New Hampshire, pushed to prevent this bill from happening, and even sponsored the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2013.  This is a Senator who is looking out for small businesses in New Hampshire and sees the values of standing up for Granite State businesses in Washington.”

Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire encourages Granite Staters to call Sen. Kelly Ayotte and thank her for taking such a strong stand against legislation that would harm the New Hampshire advantage at 202-224-3324.

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