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Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's Statement on Pres. Obama's budget

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Today, President Obama released his budget.  After being two months late, his irresponsible budget includes $3.77 trillion in spending, $580 billion in new taxes, and a $744 billion deficit.

Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, made the following statement.


“On top of being two months late, the proposal President Obama released today fails to balance the budget, lower taxes, or limit government. Instead the President’s plan includes trillions in spending and billions in new taxes.

“We cannot continue to borrow what we do not have and place the burden on hard-working middle-class families. Granite Staters are calling on our elected officials representing us in Washington to reject his proposal and work towards finding solutions that reduce our debt and deficit and not embrace more of the same failed tax and spend policies we continue to see from this Administration.”

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