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Release: Hassan's Veto Threat of 30 Day Residency Requirement for Voting

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Gov. Hassan's Veto Threat of 30 Day Residency Requirement for Voting:
It is as absurd as her previous statements about Voter Fraud in New Hampshire.

(June 11, 2015) - Gov. Hassan's office announced today that she is likely to veto SB 179, legislation that would set a 30-day residency requirement to vote in New Hampshire.


The legislation has already passed the House and Senate. Secretary of State Bill Gardner also supports the waiting period as a way to prevent "drive-by" voting by people who live out of state.


In June 2014, Gov. Hassan's own Attorney General prosecuted a Massachusetts resident who plead guilty to voter fraud for illegally voting in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation U.S. presidential nominating primary back in 2012. The man, a registered Democrat, was given a suspended sentence of one to three years in state prison and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.


The Attorney General's office reached a separate settlement with a pair of Milford residents who committed voter fraud in Keene in the 2012 general election. They admitted to voting illegally and were fined $1,250. 


Another instance of voter fraud during the 2012 general election occurred when someone voted in Manchester under the name of former Jeanne Shaheen spokesperson Caitlin Legacki, who was in St. Louis on Election Day. Legacki told the Union Leader, "it certainly was news to me" that she was checked as having voted in Manchester in 2012.


Despite this, and repeated concerns by Granite Staters regarding voter fraud in New Hampshire, Gov. Maggie Hassan actually believes there has only been one case of voter fraud in the state in the last ten years.


Click HERE to watch the video.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Perhaps it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Gov. Hassan fancies herself more knowledgeable about election law than Bill Gardner, the longest-tenured Secretary of State in the country and a member of her own party. This is especially true considering Hassan actually said that there has only been one case of voter fraud in New Hampshire during the last ten years. If she truly believes that, then it makes a whole lot more sense why she has been so easily duped into thinking that the failed policies of Obamacare, higher taxes, and increased spending are good for New Hampshire, too.


"Gov. Hassan should do the right thing to protect the integrity of New Hampshire's election process and support this bill immediately. It is time for her to stop continually fighting bi-partisan bills passed by our legislators in Concord."



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