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New Hampshire Senate Commerce Committee rejects legislation that would have moved the state towards a partnership healthcare exchange under Obamacare

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Today, the Senate Commerce Committee voted 3-2 against HB 668, which would have moved New Hampshire towards a partnership healthcare exchange under Obamacare. Citizens for A Strong New Hampshire, applauds the Senate Commerce Committee's decision to reject HB 668.


In 2012, HB 1297 was signed into law by Governor Lynch. HB 1297 prohibits the state of New Hampshire from planning, creating, or participating in a state health care exchange. The bill also establishes guidelines for interaction with a federally-facilitated exchange created for New Hampshire.


Kristin Beaulieu, Director of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released the following statement on the Senate Commerce Committee's decision.


"We are encouraged by the Senate Commerce Committee's recommendation today to reject HB 668 and prevent New Hampshire from moving towards a state partnership exchange under Obamacare."

"This piece of legislation was just another attempt by Governor Hassan to circumvent last year's law against creating a state healthcare exchange. In addition, this 'exchange' has been reported to only include one provider, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, thus implementing in a state run monopoly."


The bill will be voted on by the entire Senate next week.

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