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Senator Shaheen: All Granite Staters, not just your donors, deserve to hear a response

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Yesterday, Senator Jeanne Shaheen responded to Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's first television advertisement titled, "What to Cut" with a fundraising email to her donors. Click here to view the advertisement which focuses on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare and the negative impact it will have on Granite State families.


While Senator Shaheen was quick to respond to the new advertisement with a fundraising plea stating that the commercial 'twist[s] words and bend[s] truths,' her office refused to comment to the news media when asked about the advertisement. Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire believes that all New Hampshire residents, not just her financial supporters, deserve answers from Senator Shaheen on the important questions the advertisement raises regarding her vote for a law that could result in many New Hampshire families going without.



Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Granite Staters deserve answers from Senator Shaheen. How is the fact that many workers could have a 25% reduction in take home pay due to a reduced work week from 40 to 29 hours a 'bent truth?' Senator Shaheen had the opportunity yesterday to answer some important questions about how her deciding vote for Obamacare will impact New Hampshire small businesses and families. However, similarly to how Senator Shaheen has taken to hiding from her constituents for months, rather than addressing the important questions raised in 'What to Cut,' she decided to use it to benefit her political career in Washington.


"All Granite Staters, not just her financial supporters, patiently await a response from their senator."

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