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Statement on the House and Senate's passage of the committee of conference reports for NH state budget

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Today, the Senate and House passed the committee of conference reports on the New Hampshire State Budget.  The New Hampshire legislature passed a bipartisan budget that is balanced, continues business tax reforms passed last year, does not increase the gas or cigarette tax and does not include expanding Medicaid.
Derek Dufresne, Spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"The budget for New Hampshire is fiscally responsible and does not rely on failed tax and spend policies. This budget continues business tax reforms passed last year and does not increase the gas or cigarette tax. We are thankful that our state legislators put politics aside and reached agreements that put Granite State families first.
"Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire is also thankful that Medicaid expansion is not included in this budget. Expanding Medicaid, a key provision of Obamacare, without first studying its impact on New Hampshire families would have been irresponsible.  There is no guarantee that the money from the federal government would continue to be given to our state, which is a big risk at the tax payer's expense. There is also no concrete evidence that there will be lower costs and increased health care with the expansion. We are pleased that our legislators acted responsibly by studying the impact of Medicaid expansion before including it in the budget."
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