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Does Senator Shaheen still support the controversial 'Employer Mandate' in Obamacare?

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Last week, the Obama Administration announced its decision to delay key provisions of Obamacare for a year, including one of the lynchpins of the law, the controversial 'Employer Mandate.' This decision came on the heels of Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire's first TV ad, "What to Cut," focusing on Senator Jeanne Shaheen's deciding vote to pass Obamacare. More specifically, the ad discussed the effects of the 'Employer Mandate.' This mandate could force many small businesses to cut their employees' hours from 40 to 29, and create even harder times for many Granite State families.


 Since the Administration's announcement of the delay, Senator Shaheen has been silent, however just after Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire released "What to Cut," we caught up with her and specifically asked her about the 'Employer Mandate.' In the video below, she says she was "proud of her vote." Despite the fact that Obamacare and her deciding vote to pass the legislation caused the problems created by the 'Employer Mandate,' Senator Shaheen also goes on in the video to blame small businesses for the problems created by the law rather than accepting responsibility for it herself.


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"Senator Shaheen has been interestingly quiet after the announcement from the Obama Administration that they would delay the controversial 'Employer Mandate' in Obamacare for a year. Prior to that, she was still proud to stand by her vote and actually blamed small businesses rather than her bad vote for the negative implications it will have on Granite State families. That's wrong.
"While the White House might appear to understand the concerns small businesses and their employees are having with Obamacare, the question remains - does Senator Shaheen get it? - or does she still want to blame our state's job creators and those they employ for the problems her vote has caused?"
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