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Shame on Shaheen for signaling support for Harry Reid's 'Nuclear Option' rule change in the U.S. Senate

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Because Majority Leader Reid has been unable to force President Obama's nominees through the US Senate, he is threatening to use the "Nuclear Option" to permit simple majority votes for presidential nominees.
An article by E&E Publishing discussing energy legislation sponsored by Senator Jeanne Shaheen says "she was unsure what triggering the nuclear option would mean for the efficiency bill."  Shaheen went on to signal her support for Majority Leader Reid's possible use of the "Nuclear Option" by saying, "We'll see. We need to get things done."
Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:

"George Washington once described the Senate as the 'saucer' that cools overheated legislation. When our Founding Fathers created the framework for our nation, one of the major purposes of Congress was to act as a balance to the power of the Executive Branch.
"Despite hundreds of years of acting as a check to both Democrat and Republican Administrations, Harry Reid and Jeanne Shaheen hope to implement the 'Nuclear Option' and fundamentally change how the Senate works simply to approve a handful of President Obama's liberal nominees. This is wrong and Granite Staters expect better from their Senior Senator."
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