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Shaheen uses filibuster rule change vote she missed to benefit her own campaign

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On Monday, Senator Jeanne Shaheen was one of only two senators to miss a mandatory quorum meeting and vote on Senate filibuster rule changes. As reported by the Associated Press last evening, her office explained her absence as being due to "a scheduling conflict," but "refused to elaborate" on why she missed the vote.  The National Journal reported this vote was mandatory and that Senators can actually be arrested and brought to the Senate floor if they are absent.


Despite the fact that Senator Shaheen has refused to explain her absence, that has not stopped her from trying to use the vote and discussion that she did not even participate in to benefit her campaign.  This afternoon, Senator Shaheen sent out a plea to her supporters to sign a petition related to filibuster reform to collect information that would benefit her campaign. In the email, she even says "You deserve a Washington that works for you." Text of the email from "Friends of Jeanne Shaheen" can be provided upon request. 


Derek Dufresne, spokesman for Citizens for a Strong New Hampshire, released the following statement:


"Senator Shaheen's refusal to elaborate on why she missed a mandatory meeting and vote on changes that would alter the rule structure of the US Senate is inexcusable. However, the fact that she would use the meeting and quorum vote that she never attended as a means to collect information from her supporters to benefit her own re-election campaign is indefensible.


"What is even more insulting is that in her email, she says 'you deserve a Washington that works for you.' That's outrageous considering the email is coming from a senator who can't show up to do her job even when the vote is mandatory. Senator Shaheen must tell Granite Staters why she missed the vote - and then she should apologize for using a missed vote to help get herself re-elected."

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